Citadel of Sorcery Wiki

Waerians are a playable race in Citadel of Sorcery.


During the third age, The Time of Folly, one group of humans was not taken in by the Demons lies and false religions.  They did not succumb to the same foolishness and eventually destructive and harmful beliefs.  They took council from the Verdurens, but these were sea folk, dwellers on the edge of oceans and vast lakes who made their livelihood off of the bounty of the sea or lake.  And so they naturally sought a place to hide from the insanity gripping their fellow humans, and found it in the depths of watery places they knew so well.  Thus they avoided the grip of the false religions fostered by demons during the third age.

Now, hundreds of years later they have developed towns and villages, which they call a haven or cay in the shallows of lakes and oceans.  In the oceans Waerians have built underwater castles called Corstles, the foundations made from dead corals and the outer works from living coral.  Underwater their dwellings are three dimensional, without the structure and necessity of gravity based design. Halls and passages may be vertical as often as horizontal.


They have the natural ability to breath underwater and swim faster. aprox. 1/6th of the gameplay will take place under water.Note that it is possible to use magic to breath underwater, but details have not been revealed.