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Verduren are a playable race in Citadel of Sorcery. They are humans mixed with plant-like qualities.


Verduren were the second free race to be created. They were formed during the second age when a group of humans choose to infuse them selves with organic and plant-like traits.

Verduren are known for their extraordinary patience. They live very long lives and like to "take the long view" when dealing with conflicts. They tend to be very careful and avoid taking large risks unless it's absolutely necessary. Their plans tend to be incredibly advanced, often planning years or decades into advance for a solution. They look down on other races, as Verduren feel that they're too impatient and short-sighted.

They revere nature and natural beauty. Verduren villages are usually grown, not built, by communicating with the flora itself. Only natural-born Verduren have this power, fallen heroes that have changed race do not have access to this skill. They can be found anywhere where there's a large amount of flora. They pull nutrients directly from the soil and use photosynthesis to survive. Verduren do not eat, but aromas can satiate their appetite.

Verduren guard all known entrances to the Darkhalls and will stop demons at any cost.

Verduren communities are matriarchal, which takes influence from the personification of nature as "Mother Nature". There are no real politics within their communities, and they care little for the politics of other races.

When a Verduren is nearly wiped out, the survivors become a Verduren warrior known as a Sumar. Sumars dedicate themselves to eradicating evil and protecting the other clans. A fallen heroes that changes into a verduren, is accepted as one, although is not a part of any village and therefore also known as a Sumar.


The main feature of Verdurn is their ability to camouflage with flora. Different clans have different patterns depending on where they live. Verduren can learn the patterns of other clans.

Verduren have an increased sense of smell and can regenerate stamina by rooting into the ground, or sniffing aroma's, but have a penalty to night vision.