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Tyven are a playable race in Citadel of Sorcery.


Of the free people of the Reflected Worlds, the Tyven are one of the more recent. They were created during the fifth age by Morphael. He wanted a race of spies that could move through the wilderness with the cunning of the quick fox, but had the intelligence and mind of a human. So he blended humans with the fox, and threw in a few other things and came up with a race called the Tyven. Unfortunately (for Morphael) they were a bit too clever and the whole idea of being under the control of someone went against their nature, so they planned and executed an escape from Morphael’s control and declared their race free. Over the past few hundred years they have developed into their own societies. These stand aside from the current rule of the Eyes of Darkness, yet they do not actively oppose the Citadel. However, they hate Morphael for trying to enslave them and actively battle against his rule. The Citadel treats the Tyven under the old saying, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, and so they tolerate the Tyven settlements on what they consider Citadel lands.


Tyven gain a boost to night vision and scent tracking.