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Also known as the time of folly. The great cities and the knowledge held within were gone. 200 years of post apocalyptic conditions saw the appearance of the prophet. Proclaiming that the demons appearance was due to the disapproval of the gods, for humans attempting to be like the gods through use of sorcery. He told of the return of the dead gods, and the raising of humanity once more. In order for this to be realized, the humans must find the names of the dead gods, then worship and obey them. Each settlement found a different name, and so the humans were divided. War broke between them for supremacy of their god. These were not the true gods, but the demon lords, and every death allowed them to feed.

One group did not believe the false religions, and sought refuge from the carnage. Those "of the blood" altered their anatomy to survive underwater, and named themselves the Waerian. Those that chose to follow the religions, altered their appearance to please their god, and to differentiate themselves from other factions. Only one of which survived. The Gargoyles.

Not all believed in these religions, the idea that the gods could be so evil was too much for some. An underground movement began, led by a direct branch of the Tremora bloodline. One sorceress came forth, whom they called, the Enchantress. She trained many powerful in sorcery, to be her personal heroes. When a confrontation occurred with her and one of the more powerful cults, the demon lord called forth his minions from the darkhalls. At this they were finally exposed to her for what they truly were. In the battle, the enchantress was captured and taken to the darkhalls, to be tortured for eternity. Her heroes would not allow this. They followed her into the darkness, the first human force to penetrate the darkhalls. Many fell as they forced deeper into the darkness, until they found her. The demons threw themselves at the heroes, causing many more to fall, but eventually they escaped with their prize. Those that died stayed as prisoners, left to be tortured in her place. since that time, no human army has dared enter the Darkhalls again. Once returned, the Enchantress exposed the demon lord to his followers, the Gargoyles. When they realized this, they threw down their "god", Garos and exposed his to the rest of the world. Vowing to expose all gods, they set out to expel them, and as they were revealed to be false, they were driven back into the darkhalls. Ending the third age.

The Fourth age