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Commencing after the demons discovered the reflected worlds.Also known as the Demon / Sorcerer war.

These humans that found the demon infested world, were not the same as those the demons were used to. Humans from the reflected worlds had power, and were enormous in number. The war between demon and sorcerer spread over a thousand years. The war caused the need to hide. The first new race was made through the melding of man and plant, the Verduren. Able to mimic the flora around them, they slipped by unnoticed and retained the patience of a plant. Eventually the demons were in retreat, partially due to the Verduren, and partly to demons not able to procreate, but humans could replace those fallen. The discovered portals the demons used were sealed up and guarded by the Verduren. The demons waited in the darkhalls for a time to return. Their patience was rewarded by human forgetfulness, and need to worship.

The Third Age