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The rise of the Citadel of Sorcery. All the demon lords were eventually pushed back into the Darkhalls, and once again, the Human race is torn apart from civil war. Only the Waerian and Verduren avoided the war. No other religion races survived, and the transformation to Waerian and Gargoyle, could not be completely undone. The visage of the Gargoyle became synonymous with protection, and their statuary was built into new structures, to ward off grim spirits and demons.

The Enchantress was the one that opened the eyes of the Gargoyles, and now had the confidence of the war shocked humans. With the support of the Waerians and Verduren, she took charge. Repairing the reflected worlds and preparing for any demon that would want to enter their worlds. She began constructing a landmark for defence against the demon horde, on the one world left with portals to the darkhalls. The Citadel of Sorcery was built to fend off the demons, to bring in another golden age and regain the knowledge lost.

The Enchantress eventually married and had many sons, all powerful sorcerers. Her only daughter was last, who later became known as a powerful grim sorceress, the Eyes of Darkness. The Enchantress mysteriously vanished and all knowledge of her was wiped from the memory of all beings. Her temples were destroyed, and her daughter became ruler.

The Fifth Age