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Created by the chance gathering of Grim and Radiant energy, those now known as the dead gods saw themselves as great, and created the world inside the crystal of creation. When the Corrupt three found the pools of chaos left behind when forming elixir, they wanted to create something to surprise their fellow deities. First they made the Darkhalls to hide their work until ready. Then they submerged themselves in the pools and unintentionally became imbalanced towards grim, making them insane. They tried to create beings to serve them, and created those referred to as demons. Later the demons rebelled against their creators and consumed them, then turning their aim to the rest of the gods, consumed them in a surprise attack. In an attempt to fight back, the dead gods also consumed large amounts of grim energy. Unaware of the duality between grim and radiance, they were destroyed. Now the only place the demons can ease their insatiable hunger for radiance, was the world.

The time of darkness began and there was nothing to hold back the onslaught. Until the family of a man named Peran Tremora was killed. In his rage and grief, he made his way into the darkhalls were he found the crystal of creation. thinking it would destroy the world and all the demons within, he took his mighty hammer and shattered the crystal. instead of destroying it, it created thousands of exact reflections of the original. All except Peran and the demons, as they were not originally created within the crystal. They instead were placed in a single reflection, along with the only portal to the darkhalls. After Peran then touched one of the crystals, he was instantly transported into that world.

Thus begins The First Age