Quests are the main gameplay feature of Citadel of Sorcery. This is where a majority of the game's plot will unfold along with a player's unique story. There are no "kill 10 rats" type of quests, instead each one is built as a unique adventure on the scale of a fantasy novel. Quest stories interconnect from one to another, remembering what the player has done and adjusting future quests accordingly, making it essentially a series based around the player. Each quest is non-linear with numerous outcomes based on the player's and the game's choices, making quests nearly impossible to repeat. There are no do-overs if one fails an objective For example, if a prisoner is killed or a town falls, the player has to deal with that outcome. There's always an epic climax at the end of every quest dependent on what the player has done.

Quest text is usually very short--no more than three sentences. Whenever possible, the designers would rather you experience the story instead of being told about it through text.