There will be 6 races available to players at launch. All players start as a human and must complete a quest to change into a different race.

This article will briefly overview each of the races. For more details, check each race's specific page.


Humans were one of the first free races of the Reflected Worlds. The unique trait for humans is their superstition.


Verdurens are humans infused with plant-like qualities. They have the ability to blend in with foliage.


Waerians are humans that live in the sea. They have a bonus to underwater breathing.


Gargoyles are stone-like creatures that once worshiped false gods. They take reduced fall damage.


Jenemos were slaves created by Morphael to build his machines. Jenemos bring bad luck with them that can affect allies or enemies.


Tyven were humans infused with fox-like traits and used as spies by Morphael. They have a bonus to night vision and scent tracking.