Citadel of Sorcery Wiki

The Jenemos are a playable race in Citadel of Sorcery.


Like all the new races, the Jenemos were once human.  They were created from human slaves that Morphael had captured in his war against the Citadel.  The Jenemos race was designed to build and maintain Morphael’s magic driven machines.  Morphael wanted them small enough to climb amongst the gears and wheels so he made them shorter.  They needed to work in dark places so he enlarged their eyes.  So they could hear when there was a problem in the machines he increased the size of their ears.  He made their fingers long and dexterous for intricate work, and he made them very clever so that they could create his war machines, a strange symbiosis of machines and magic.

But Morphael’s human slaves had the last laugh.  They made a secret plan, and instead of being chosen, some of them started volunteering to become Morphael’s builder race, but what Morphael’s minions didn’t know was that these volunteers were the humans with the worst luck.  They were the accident prone, and the unlucky.  They were the ones that just seemed to screw up no matter that they did.  And as the magic machine changed them into Morphael’s builder race, these traits were intensified.  As they bred with others of the ‘Builder’ race their bad traits became dominant.  Soon bad things started happening within Morphael’s fortress as the bad luck of his builder race reached epic proportions.  His machines began to fail for no logical reason.


Traps, spells and other things of the sort, may break or backfire around the jenemos. Most of the time it is a foe, but it can happen to an ally, every time, it is hilarious.