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Gargoyles are a playable race in Citadel of Sorcery.


In the Third Age of the Reflected Worlds much of humanity had been fooled by The Prophets testimony. He convinced people to seek out what they thought were the Dead Gods, but were actually Demons. One of those groups of people followed a false god named Garos. In their fanatical devotion they used grim and radiant magic to permanently turn themselves into a likeness of their god. They even named themselves Gargoyles in his honor.

Their loyalty to the Demon Lord Garos was unquestioned, and in the name of their 'god' they committed deeds both vile and terrible. This new Gargoyle race forsook their human heritage entirely and gave themselves over to what they perceived as their god.

But not everyone in the Reflected Worlds was fooled by the false gods. Eventually the Enchantress exposed Garos to the Gargoyles for what he was, a demon. She revealed his lies, and showed them the bitter truth. The Gargoyles now knew they had been deceived, and everything they had believed was shown to be false.

Afterwards, they swore an oath of loyalty to the Enchantress and her bloodline until the end of days. When other humans ridiculed them for the look of their bodies, the Enchantress showed compassion and respect. In this time of shaken beliefs, she became their rock, and they learned much from her mentorship of the values of freedom, honor and truth.

Gargoyles can barely tolerate the rule of the Eyes of Darkness, but they are sworn to the female bloodline of the Enchantress, and so they endure, hoping to redeem her as they were once redeemed.


Gargoyles take reduced fall damage.