Citadel of Sorcery Wiki

An ability is an action a character performs or a passive boost. Active abilities cost either vitality (for physical abilities) or concentration (for magical abilities). Abilities define what a character is able to do.

There are 1995 abilities available to players, and each one is unique. There are currently 5 leagues. Each league has 54 ability lines, and each ability line has 7 abilities. Multiply this together, and add 105 uber abilities, and you'll reach the total of 1995.

Abilities can be advanced with study points and practice points. Study points are gained each time a character gains a level and can be assigned to a specific ability line. Practice points are earned by using a ability in the appropriate situation. An ability can be improved by practice points a limited time each level. A character must be in the appropriate league to spend their study points or earn practice points. Points are spent in the entire ability line rather than individual abilities.

Tomes of Knowledge[]

Abilities are learned through tomes of knowledge. These can be found through out the world, quested for specifically through the library, or bought from other players.